lørdag 30. juni 2012

Salmon fishing in Risfjord river

Early this morning me Peter and Lynda went to Gamvik, located at north east part of Nordkynd where Vidar waited with our big boat Viking Explorer. Today we were going to fish salmon in Risfjord river. We went to Koifjord which is located just southeast of Risfjord where we anchored up Viking Explorer and to walk over to the top of Risfjordriver and fish our way downstream. At the second pool we fished Peter got a strike and after a heavy fight with his light tackle Vidar could net the salmon witch got weight to 3,2 kilos. When we had fished down to the last pool I decided to try my luck with my flyrod. After a couple of minutes I hooked a salmon and after I while Peter brought it in the net, this salmon was weight to 3 kilo. We decided to go back up to the pool where Peter caught his to fish the remaining minutes that was left on our fishing licenses. This time Vidar tried his luck with his flyrod and quite soon he had a fish on. First we thought it was a arctic char which is common in this river but when it came closer I turned out to be a beautiful brown trout about 0,8 kilos. Now it was time to head back to Adventure Camp Mehamn and rest for tomorrows fishing.

In Koifjord on our way to the shore

Peter and Vidar prepares to fish.

Peter with his 3,2 kilos salmon

Me with my 3 kilos salmon.

Vidar and his beautilful brown trout.

Koifjord is really a sight for the eye!

fredag 29. juni 2012

Arctic char fishing with quad bike

These last two days Vidar and John have guided Peter and Lynda on freshwater fishing after arctic char and brown trout. We trailed 4 of our new quad bikes with to a small road that’s going long in to the mountains. We had quite tuff weather yesterday, it was times when it not only was windy but also snowed. We didn’t think that much about the bad weather when it was so fun to ride the quad bikes and the fishing turn out to be really good. In the end of the day we had caught 16 trouts in two different lakes. Today the weather was better and so was the fishing for arctic char, Peter did as he always does and hooks a char at his second cast. During the next 4 hours of fishing peter caught another 5 arctic chars and John one. Then it was time to head back to Adventure Camp Mehamn, but no sad faces to leave the good fishing when we had 30 minutes of quad bike riding ahead of us!

Vidar, Lynda and Peter on their quad bikes.

bad weather but happy fishermen!

Back at Adventure Camp Mehamn
 with the catch of the day.

Peter with his first arctic char this day

John with his acrctic char

Peter with the biggest char for the day

onsdag 27. juni 2012

Halibut and salmon adventures

These last days John and Vidar has guided Peter on some more adventures.

Two days ago after having great halibut fishing the day before John decided to explore a new area that he had found on the sea chart. After trying some drifts on different places in this new area without a single bite Peter suddenly hooked a halibut and Peter really had to hold on cause the halibut got totally wild and pulled out line several times, finally they succeeded to get it in the boat and measured it to 137cm (35kilo), only three centimeters shorter than the big one he caught the day before! The next two drift John lost three halibuts after short fights and on the forth Peter hooked a second one that was measured to 132cm (31kilo). both halibuts was carefully released again to grow even bigger
After a long fight this beauty was secured, 137cm!

132cm halibut!

Yesterday John and Vidar brought Peter and Lynda on a day’s guiding for salmon in Laggo river with our new quad bikes. When they came to the river Peter hooked a big salmon on his first cast but lost it after a couple of minutes. A little bit later he hooked another one and this time it stayed on, we later weight it to little bit above 4 kilos! The quadbike driving was great and we really put them to the test more then once.

 on our way from Laggo marina
 and upp to the river and tougher terrain

Peter with the catch of the day, 4 kilo silver!

The nature is so beautiful along laggo river!

Today John brought Peter to another smaller salmon river to try to catch salmon with fly. Also today Peter hooked a salmon almost directly and after 4 great jumps and pulling out a lot of line John secured it with a net. This salmon was weight to 2,4kilos. Later Peter caught two small salmons and they stopped several times along downstream to try casting on salmon that John spotted while Peter was fishing on them but without success. Back at the car they decide to go and look at the bridge at the estuary to see if we could spot any salmon, well there they counted to about 20 salmon that had gathered to rise in the river.

Peter with his 2,4 kilo salmon, caught with flyrod.

søndag 24. juni 2012

Another day at halibut paradice!

Today John and Peter where out one halibut fishing and already a minute in on the first drift john first lost a halibut then ten minutes later hooked on that was measured to 118cm (20 kilo according to the halibut list). On the next drift John had a small halibut following his jig all the way up to the boat and then stroked, after five seconds on the hook it went loose and surprisingly enough it stayed and played with the jig. John gave the rod to Peter and after the halibut had played with the jig it decided to strike and this time I was stuck. On a couple of drifts later peter lost two halibuts and then succeeded to bring a 90cm (8,7kilo) in to the boat. On the next drift Peter got a really heavy bite on his Predator Tail. After a hard fight we brought the great halibut into the boat and measured it to 140 cm (37,5 kilo). All halibuts where released back to grow bigger!

Later this week we will release a short video of this days fishing!
The first halibut of the day.

Peter vs the great halibut

And here it is!

lørdag 23. juni 2012

Sea char fishing!

Today our guide John went out with Peter and Lynda a couple that has visit Adventure Camp Mehamn several times before to fish for Sea Char. The fishing started rather slow on the afternoon but when the wind settled and the sun came out the schools of Sea char where really easy to spot. During the next couple of hours they caught 4 good sized chars and one really nice trout. They took two of the chars for dinner and released the rest.
Peter and Lynda on our way down to the fjord.

 John with the first char for the day.

Peter with a big char!

One minut later John caught this great char!

 Then Peter caught a good sized trout!

The last char for the day.

lørdag 9. juni 2012

Really successful halibut fishing!

Yesterday our guide John was out with two German groups, team Deubel and team Comoran to guide for halibut. The day started rater slow but after a while the halibuts started to strike. Team Comoran caught a really good sized halibut that was measured to 145cm (42kilo according to the halibut length/weight list) and then released. Almost at the same time team Deubel caught a 127cm (26kilo) halibut, also this one were released. In the end of the next drift John got a really good strike on his Mieko Predator Tail. After a brutal fight we brought the halibut into the boat and measure it to 151cm (48kilo), after a few pictures this beauty was released. Team Comoran also caught a 108cm halibut (14 kilo) two drifts later. Beside this four halibuts we also caught two smaller ones and lost a couple of fights.

This is what i call a FISH! 145cm.

One of the smaller halibuts this day.

This Beautiful halibut was
 measured to 127cm and then released.

 Its a great fealing to catch your first halibut!
I belive this wont be his last!

Thumbs up!

tirsdag 5. juni 2012

155cm halibut C&R

This sunday we didn’t catch 8 halibuts and Dans beautiful 132cm weren’t the biggest. On the last drift a 155cm halibut took my Mieko Predator Tail and after a brutal fight and some pictures it was released to grow even bigger!

mandag 4. juni 2012

Team Aachen

One of the German group that is visiting us at Adventure Camp Mehamn, Team Aachen is catching plenty of halibut in same area as we showed them during the introduction guiding and also some big cods

Yesterday the really big one finally stroke on one of their jigs. After a good fight they land a 150 cm long halibut that weighs about 47 kilos according to the halibut length/weightlist.

This beautifull 150cm halibut was released after the photo session
 15 kilos halibut!

Released to be catched again next years

Another one the gets to grow bigger untill next time

Halibut was not the only one intrested in the big jigs,
but also this 12 kilo cod!

After a long and hard fight this halibut found its way in to the boat!
This on was 132cm an about 31 kilos according to the halibut list.
Also this halibut was released to grow even bigger!

Two fishermen, one boat, eight halibuts

Yesterday I and my coworker Dan had the day of so we decided to go and fish halibut on same place as we caught 37 halibuts last year. Even though it was early in the season we caught eight halibuts and the biggest halibut was 31 kilos.

lørdag 2. juni 2012

Halibut video

Here is a short video from the halibut fishing
we did on the introduction guiding the other day!