mandag 30. mai 2011

First group this year hiking to Cape Nordkyn

Earlier this day the first group doing the hiking to Cape Nordkyn, 23km rough terrain walk!
The group are from Latvia and  are visiting Mehamn for their first time, We wish them good luck!

Here the group stand at the gateway to Cape Nordkyn at Mehamn airport

30 kilos halibut!

Today our swedish guests got their revenge from yesterday, a 30 kilos halibut. After trying more west out from Cape Nordkyn they finaly got that bigger fish hooked. The bait it striked on was a 30cm haddock!

Here the lucky fisherman stand in front of Adventure Camp Mehamn

søndag 29. mai 2011

Swedish guests on Nordic Safari

This week we have a group of Swedish guest here on Nordic Safari, they arrived this last Friday and are here to exploring fishing around Nordkyn peninsula. Their first day they caught several good size cod with a top on 15 kilo. Yesterday they went out on a shorter fishing trip close to land because of the bad weather but succeeded to catch some fishes. This morning the weather was great and they went out Northwest of Nordkyn peninsula to try their luck. Not only did they catch plenty of cod but lost a couple really big ones so tomorrow they are out for revenge!

Happy guest!

The catch of the day! 15 and 10 kilo cod.

torsdag 26. mai 2011

22 kilos cod at Europe’s most northern point

For a couple days ago a German guest here at Nordic Safari caught a 22 kilos cod at Europe’s most northern point, Kinnarodden. They went out in one of our Hansen 18 feet boats this last weekend to fish at the area northwest of Mehamn. Except the 22 kilos cod they caught several cod over 10 kilos and the good fishing has continued these last days with plenty good sized cod.

22 kilo cod!

This last week our travel organizer from Sweden S-O Larsson at Mieko Fishing and his friend Robert Fjällborg at Fjällfoto a professional photographer were here to explore the halibut fishing at Nordkyn peninsula. Seven halibuts were caught and several potential hotspots for halibut were found. 
S-O with a halibut caught with a Mieko Predator shad jig

Robert with a beautiful halibut

Vidar The Viking with a 16 kilos halibut

Their last day here on Nordic Safari they went out to Kinnarodden to find some good size cod and succeeded, with a top on 19,5 kilo, several about 15 kilo and plenty over 10 kilos.

Robert and 15,5 kilos cod

S-O with his 19,5 kilos cod