mandag 29. august 2011

Group from Croatia sailed to Cape Nordkyn by Viking boat.

Our first group from Croatia today was sailing to the Nordkyn by the Nordlandsboat and came back with a lot of impressions and great pictures. While the Eastern Gail was strongly blowing, they were enjoying the beauty and power of nature in the North Norway. They have experienced the sailing on the real Viking boat, which is the largest typical fishing boat of the 18th century, developed from the lines of the Viking ships.  Great things happen here!

 Vidar is giving instructions before the sailing trip.

 On their way out on Barents sea and 
Mehamn Adventure Camp in the background
 Here they are on the way back from Cape Nordkyn

fredag 26. august 2011

Short movie about Mehamn Adventure Camp!

Last week a Swedish team was here to film an awesome fishing movie PredaTour. They also took time to cut a short video to us about Mehamn Adventure Camp.

We thank them a lot and are looking forward to see their movie when it releases in December!

onsdag 24. august 2011

Swedish fishing group explores the Barents Sea.

This is so great for all Mehamn and of course for us, Mehamn Adventure Camp that the Swedish fishing group came here to our place to explore Barents Sea. They spent five days to explore Barents Sea and the fishing on halibuts and one day for fishing on all other fish. They were successful a lot, so they caught several halibut between 120 and 130cm and the biggest, a beast of 170cm!
Also they spent one day for fresh water fishing in the mountains and it was successful enough. Two persons caught about 100 arctic chars and trout, but the biggest fish are still in the lake.
Today they are going to go for the King Crabs Safari, so we are really hoping that they will be lucky and bring lots of them, and then we will have a delicious dinner! J
This is great experience for this group, but the most important goal of their arrival were to make a spectacular video about fishing named PredaTour.  They have made a preview of it, you can see it here:
 Also they are planning to write an article and put it in some magazines. So all of us will be able to read it and also enjoy watching the film.
Their staying here was great, we spent lots of hours together and we are hoping that they will come back next year.

Robert with his 170cm halibut!

Robert and Atle and their dubbelstrike halibuts

Emma with a beautiful halibut.

17 of 18 halibuts still swims free in barents sea!

Emma with new personal best on cod! :)

S-O on Mieko Fishing with one of many Nordkyn trouts.

fredag 19. august 2011

Amazing fishing

Last week a Swedish group came here to Adventure Camp Mehamn. Now after eight days of sea fishing we can confirm amazing catch-list. Two halibuts over 30 kilos, a couple around 15 and several Smaller. For three days ago they went out one hour from the camp to a shallower bank out on the deep sea to explore the fishing. With a lot cod over 10 kilos and several about 15 kilos the exploration was a success!
Same day the also tried to angel for redfish and manage to catch five of them with a weight of 1-2 kilos. Another day they went up on the mountains to fish for arctic char an caught some really beautiful samples.
35 kilos halibut!

Making halibut filé 


1,3 and 1 kilo arctic char.

lørdag 13. august 2011

New snowmobile and hiking tracks

Yesterday we drove out with our ATW to Gamvik, a village 20 minutes east from Mehamn. From Gamvik we went up to the mountains and made new snowmobile and hiking tracks. Now there are not many places on Nordkyn peninsula where you can’t hike  ore go with snowmobile.

The track can be tough

But also very beautiful!

tirsdag 2. august 2011

Three groups drop-off at Cape Nordkyn

Early this morning went out with three boats to Cape Nordkyn to drop-off three groups that are going to hike up to the top and then walk the 23 kilometers of wild terrain back to the camp.
On the way out we stopped to take a look at the northern most house on the European mainland. There are only two ways of getting there, by boat ore a looong and tough walk

Here Vidar is at the shore to drop-off the first group
 the other two boats waits on their turn