torsdag 30. august 2012

Great arctic char fishing!

Our fresh water guide Dan where away the other day on an expedition to a lake with a great population of arctic char here on Nordkyn peninsula.

First he tried with spin rod and copper spoon bait but the char refused to bite on this but then when he tried his fly rod the arctic char was biting almost before the fly hit the water!

During a couple of hours he caught 19 arctic char where the biggest one was 1,9 kilo. The most impressive thing is that the smallest char was as big as 0,7 kilo!
Dan releasing a beautilful arctic char.

Two arctic chars was brought back home for a great dinner!

mandag 27. august 2012

Halibut and Coalfish

These last three days we have had a team from Russia here at Adventure Camp Mehamn.
The first day of guiding was focused one Halibut, John and Artur was guiding in each Dolmoy 230.

Day 1 Fishing started rather slow  but after a couple of hours the guides found the right place for the day and the Russian team caught 4 halibuts, the biggest one 128cm. After the halibut fishing the team wanted to test fishing for some codfish. The last couple of weeks the cod fishing has been better and better so it was not long between the strikes.

Day 2 Just like day 1 John and Artur started to guide for halibut but this day they found them rather fast and after 4 hours team Russia had caught 8 halibuts and the biggest was 136cm. John had heard from a professional fisherman the day before that it had arrived huge schools of Coalfish at a specific area so all halibut jigs was removed and speed jig baits was attached to the rod! When arriving to the area John and Artur split up and searched with the sonar after the big schools. After about 30 minutes John found them and the speed jigging began. At first only coalfish about 2-3 kilo was biting on the jigs but after about one hour the drift brought the boats over bigger coalfish and 4-6 kilos was striking one after the other. As always in fishing the biggest got away, but first after pulling several meters of the super strong Accurate reels!

Day 3 The plan for the day was to go out on a short tour to get some more cod. The day started with a lot of wind which made it really difficult to fish anything at all. After a couple of hours the wind went away and it came really good weather. Right away both boats went out to a good place for cod, after catching a lot of cod the guests in Johns boat wanted to try for more halibut the last hour before they had to be back at the marina. Usually there is not much point of fishing halibut only one hour but this day was different and they caught 3 halibuts. When the tour was about to end Artur calls on the radio that they just caught a smaller halibut one 80m depth.
Heavy fish one!

Really nice to be first halibut,128cm!
John fighting halibut.

And here it is in the boat.
Another great first halibut!
This one was a bit bigger, 136cm!

Artur with a 126cm halibut

John with one of the coalfish.

mandag 13. august 2012

Magical Mountain Lake.

Two weeks ago our guide John went with a guest, Emma Bäcker to a magical mountain lake.

To get there they first drove a couple of kilometers with our new quad bikes. When you first arrive at this lake you will think you’re in heaven, the landscape surrounding the lake is like taken from a fairytale and the water is 100% Crystal clear. In this lake the primary fishing is for the sea char that now during summer is going up the rivers to the lakes to spawn during the fall and then stay over the winter. When they first come to the lakes they are totally silver but after just a couple of days they start to change their colors and soon they are looking like a normal arctic char. This day John and Emma caught 12 chars and lost a bunch more.

During summer the fishing after sea char is possible in fjords, rivers and later on summer in mountain lakes here on Nordkyn peninsula.

John says – If you like salmon, trout ore arctic char fishing then you will love the sea char fishing. The fishing after sea char is usually practice in unusual beautiful areas at Nordkyn peninsula with great panoramas. The water both in sea and lakes are so clear that its sight fishing that is the primary technique, which makes it incredibly exciting fishing.

First cast and first fish for the day!

John with the first sea char for the day

Here is Emma fighting here first this day

A happy Emma with a nice sea char

With ultra light gear this fishing rocks!

The colors are amazing!

Fighting the next char

Emma with another char

John tried to catch them on fly and succeded

The IMAX drysuit is not only great to wear on the sea!
Photo under water is easy in this crystal clear lake!

Sea char on the hook!

Catch and release!

fredag 3. august 2012

75 halibuts during 10 days fishing!!!

Last week we had a group here from Norway that focused 100% on halibut.

During their week here they caught 40 halibuts, the top fish were 134, 137, 138, 140, 144 och 159cm. (check thehalibut length/weight list for weight)

Same week we had the team from Sweden here that caught 35 halibuts. This week was magical but at the same time proves just how good halibut fishing we really have on Nordkyn peninsula! A guide can never give any guaranty when it comes to fishing but we have been all and all at our halibut hotspot area about 30 times now since last year and have never been without halibut in the boat!