tirsdag 28. juni 2011

Two big groups of fishermen

This week two big groups of fishermen here visit Adventure Camp Mehamn. One group from Germany and one from Switzerland. They have had really good weather and good fishing during their time here. Beside all the cod they have caught, today the group from Switzerland caught three halibuts where the biggest was about 10 kilos. Earlier this week they succeeded to catch five anglerfish! The German group has also been fishing for King Crab and caught a lot.

mandag 27. juni 2011

Brazilian Food with a Norwegian touch

During these last days we have had a guest from Brazil, Mr. Aurelio here at Adventure Camp Mehman. He is a chef and is visiting Norway to find inspiration in his cocking. Yesterday evening we gave him some King Crab and a piece of halibut that he cocked in a Brazilian way with mango and this totally wonderful kind of wook.  You can read more  about his visit at Adventure Camp Mehamn  at Mr. Aurelio’s blog http://atmagalhaes.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/pescaria-no-mar-de-barents/

Enjoying a delicious dinner

mandag 20. juni 2011

Really good fishing

This weekend our guests have had really good fishing. A lot of good size cod has been caught and even three halibuts where the biggest was 21 kilo. Two bigger halibuts won the match earlier this last week after really hard fights. One of them was all the way up to the surface and estimated to about 40 kilos before the line broke. Some of the guests have been on king crab safari and afterwards had a supreme king crab buffet!

fredag 17. juni 2011

Cape Nordkyn

This last week a couple visited Adventure Camp Mehamn with bicycle and attempted to hike to Cape Nordkyn. Up on the heights on the way to Cape Nordkyn there is a small stone desert that really takes the word hiking to another level. The hiking was more adventures than they could imagine but they manage to reach their final destination Cape Nordkyn in 12 hours. 

  Walking across the stone desert 

New fishing groups has arrived

Today two Germans groups arrived to Adventure Camp Mehamn. They are visiting us for one week to explore the fishing here at Barents Sea. This morning they went out with two boats to try out the fishing here for their first time. We wish them tight lines and an eventful week!

On their way out on Barents Sea!

onsdag 15. juni 2011

Motorcyclists visiting Adventure Camp Mehamn

Motorcyclists on a visit here at Adventure Camp Mehamn The couple has biked up here from Finland and are now spending their days exploring Nordkyn peninsula by road on their motorcycles. Today they have visited our neighbour village Gamvik and Slettnes lighthouse, just a couple of kilometres from Gamvik. Tomorrow they are thinking of visiting Skjånes, a small village in the southeast corner of the peninsula. The road there is a really nice road for motorcyclist.

In front of the Camp

tirsdag 14. juni 2011

Good cod fishing at Cape Nordkyn

Yesterday our guide went out with the guests to guaranty some good fishing, and with full throttle on the outboard engine and the stern pointing towards Cape Nordkyn that was only minutes away.
After a while they came upon a really good fishing drift on the outskirt of Cape Nordkyn where there was more cod than ever before this season, even more than during the spring fishing. They did a 4 kilometers long drift on 40-50 meters depth along a 60 meters edge and the sonar showed 5 to 10 meters all the way. I did not take long time before they had enough cod for the day and then just fishing for trophy cod. More cod then they could count was over 10 kilos and several cod over 15 kilos that was released back to grow even bigger until next time!

lørdag 11. juni 2011

From Austria to Nordkyn by bicycle

Yesterday a man from Austria came here to visit our hostel. He had not traveled here by any ordinary way but by bicycle all the way from Austria. During the way he only got one flat wheel and no other problems. This morning he cycled to Slettnes lighthouse which is the northern lighthouse on the European mainland. You can follow his rut back to Austria on this web page. http://berghold.info/html/nordkinn.html

 Just arrived to Adventure Camp Mehamn  . 

 At Slettnes Lighthouse

onsdag 8. juni 2011

Another great halibut caught at Adventure Camp Meham.

Yesterday another great halibut was caught at Adventure Camp Meham. Two of our Finnish guest went out to hunt the queen of the depth and succeeded when they hooked a 30 kilos halibut!

The queen of the depth

Here is the happy fisherman and his 30 kilos halibut

Today they are going out again, this time to fish wolfish.

tirsdag 7. juni 2011

mandag 6. juni 2011

66,4 kilos halibut!

The Swedish team from Havsfiskeguiden has been here to explore the fishing on Nordkyn
Peninsula. They where here for three days and caught a lot of cod over 10 kilos and several about 15 kilo. During these three days we caught 5 halibut and with a top on 66,4 kilo. It took Micke from Havsfiskeguiden about 40 minutes to fight this queen of the depth. Two hours later David also from Havsfiskeguiden, hooked a halibut that directly did a 70 meters run and then went loose. The day before our German guests fight a halibut for 45 minutes that later cut the line. The big halibuts seems to arrived to the north shores of Barents Sea.

Micke with his 66,4 kilos halibut!

167 cm long was the halibut 

David with  a 16 kilos cod

Micke and a 15 kilos cod


onsdag 1. juni 2011

Hiking to Cape Nordkyn

Here are some pictures from the Latvian group that was the first this year that hiked to Cape Nordkyn .

On their way!

Far far away you can see Cape Nordkyn

Finaly there!

You cant get further north than this on the european mainland 

Swedish guests hitting the jackpot!

These last days our Swedish guest has hit the jackpot when it comes to fishing! It started this Monday when one of the guests caught a 130 cm and 30 kilos halibut. Yesterday first our guide John Hedström hooked a 115cm and 16,5 kilos halibut closely followed by another of the swedish guests with a 111cm and 15,5 kilos halibut. The halibut is more and more coming up on shallow grounds after a long winter on over 200 meters depth. The halibut fishing will continue being better all summer so we expect more and bigger along the way!

Her is our swedish guest with his catch, 30kilo halibut

Here is our guide John with the two happy halibut fishermen.