torsdag 31. mai 2012

Successful introduction guiding!

Today our sea fishing guide John went out with two groups on their four hours introduction guiding.
In this blog I will mostly let the pictures talk for themselves but I can mention 4 caught 7, 20, 23 and 24 kilos halibuts and two lost.

Yesterday Vidar were out on a short sightseeing, they tried some fishing for a short while and boom, halibut on! Back at the camp the scale showed 10 kilos!  
Tomorrow we will post a new blog with a short video from this days fishing!

The catch of the day

First halibut of the day.
 This on was released to grow bigger untill next time

New personal best, 20 kilo!

23 kilo halibut!

17 kilos halibut from yesterdays sightseeing

onsdag 23. mai 2012

Plaice at Cape Nordkyn.

Yesterday we went out on guiding with all boats. Our guide John was in one of our new Dolmoy boats with one of the German teams and showed all other boats where to fish, we where fishing in the same area and all boats were catching a lot of cod and some wolfish. One of the boats got a big plaice, just above 1 kilo on pilk. Three weeks ago another guest caught a plaice at the same place that weight 1,7 kilo, also with pilk. This area we will continue explore with proper plaice rig with the hope to catch a lot more good sized plaice and other flounder.

All boats on their way out from Mehamn harbor.

Plaice 1,1 kilo!

fredag 18. mai 2012

Team Russia catching halibut

The Russian team started there week with catching a lot of cod but the big halibut was still missing.
We offered them a guided tour to our secret halibut hotspot with our big boat Viking explorer. The first hours of fishing was rather slow but suddenly two halibuts decided to strike two jigs at the same time and a tough double fight was the result. Just a couple of minutes later strikes one more and then another one. 
Catching four halibuts this early on the season is really great.
It looks like it is going to be a really good halibut season this year and I can’t wait to guide guests this July-September when the halibut fishing is at its best up here at Nordkyn peninsula, the halibut paradise. 

PS. more pictures will be uploaded later!

 Double strike!

 The catch of the day!

torsdag 17. mai 2012

Arctic char, cod and halibut

This week we have a Swedish and a Russian fishing team here.

The Swedish team has fished both ice fishing on the mountains and sea fishing from our new boats Dolmoy 23. They have had good fishing on the ice as well as on the sea. They have also rented a king crab cage where it’s been a lot of crabs in every day. Both groups are catching a lot of good sized cod close to the camp.

The Russian team was besides cod fishing also on a guided halibut tour and even though it’s still early on the halibut season they succeeded catching four halibuts, with 20 kilo as the biggest.

a really fat haddock!

17 kilos cod!

 Firs fish is pure happiness

It was a great day on the mountains!

tirsdag 15. mai 2012

Team Italy 4 days Spitsbergen Snowmobile expedition

Thank you - Team Italy for a fantastic Nature Adventure at Spitsbergen 24 – 29.04.2012

Driving along the sea ice, among tall pack ice figures in front of the majestic glacier made the time stand still for me! Spending the nights on the legendary Dutch Schooner, Noorderlicht anchored in the ice was an adventure itself.

This was a great end of a long winter on snowmobile. Now the summer and swimming season can start.

torsdag 10. mai 2012

The last days fishing

These last days of fishing has continued being great! A couple of days ago the fishing after wolfish was greit, we caught a lot of them and the biggest was about 3 kilos. Yesterday we were out guiding a Russian group on some cod fishing. Outside Mehamn the cod has gathered in large numbers really close to land and all the way from the bottom to the surface.

Anders with a angry wolfish.

When a wolfish bits it really bites and wont let go!

 A happy guest with a great codfish!