fredag 27. april 2012

Still good cod fishing

The last days we have had a group of Russians visiting us here at Adventure Camp Mehamn. They were here last September fishing halibuts and now they are here in April catching big cods. Now the cods have moved closer to the coast and are swimming at so shallow water as 30 meters. Several times we have seen and caught big cods just under the boat!
Now we have two guys from a Swedish school named Jakob and Anders at the camp and they are going to learn how to be professional fishing guides.  They are going to be here for three weeks.
Yesterday we showed them the fishing we have here in Mehamn harbor, we caught four plaices during only one hours fishing.

long but quite thin cod

Jakob is fighting cod

And here it is, 17 kilo!

Anders with the first plaice for the day

The guide John with his first

And then a little bigger one!

fredag 20. april 2012

Ice fishing on Nordkyn peninsula

Dan has been up on the mountains and guided ice fishing after arctic char and trout two days now and has done a really good work. The two guests Peter and Lynda is really enjoying spending the days on the beautiful mountains.  Yesterday they caught two trout just above 1 kilo and today one at the same size and handful good sized arctic chars.

The guide Dan with one of yesterdays trout

The catch of yesterday

This days fishing
Peter has had his hands ful catching fish all day

Our new snowmobiles is great!

Peter with one of the bigger trouts this day

Peter and Lynda infront
of the dinner fish for the day

torsdag 19. april 2012

søndag 15. april 2012

Snowmobile and hallibut.

Today at lunch a group Italians came here to Adventure Camp Mehamn with a guided tour from Finland with snowmobiles. We decided it was to good weather to not go out on the sea to fish some cod. So we went out with the Italian group with our 3 new Dolmöy boats.  We first tried outside Cape Nordkyn on 50 meters depth and luckily we found a lot of cod there. Suddenly I here screaming in one of the boats and the next second I see that they pull a halibut up in the boat. We later weight it to 21,5 kilos.

Great cod!

Fighting some cod

And here it is in the boat

The halibut in front of Adventure Camp Mehamn

torsdag 12. april 2012

Arctic char

Early this morning we went up to the mountain with snowmobile to fish arctic char. The fishing was not the best but we were all totally exhausted after fighting cod four days so a day relaxing on a frozen and beautiful lake was really appealing and the weather was excellent.  

onsdag 11. april 2012

A new day and even bigger cod

Also this morning we went out but this time with one boat to fish cod. After a while we fund a huge shoal of cod, ten kilos started to feel small after a while. We caught several cods over 15 kilos and a really great one at 20 kilos!

S-O with a huge cod

A angry wolfish found its way to the boat

Our new navigation system is reallt great!
The sonar showing a huge shoal och cod

Our guide John with a 20 kilos cod

tirsdag 10. april 2012

Exploring cod hot spots

Today we went out with two boats to a new area to try to find some big cod. One of our guests caught a real dream fish, a cod that weight 17 kilos! After several hours we were all too worn-out to continue the fishing so we went and pulled up a king crab cage with great success!

A really fat cod!

The great king crab

Another big cod!

mandag 9. april 2012

Today we were out on another cod fishing tour

Early this morning we went out on Barents Sea outside Mehamn to fish some cod.
During the day we caught a lot of good size cod and one of the guests were lucky and caught a halibut! Now we areback at Adventure Camp Mehamn and we are all totally exhausted after fighting big fish all day!

lørdag 7. april 2012

Cod fishing with the new boats.

Today we were out with two of our new boats and fished some codfish. The morning started quit slow but after changing place it all went better. We caught a lot of good size cod and the boats where excellent to drive out here on Barents Sea!

with the course set on Cape Nordkyn

Tobbe with a really good sized cod

Bosse bending cod!

At the evening we enjoyed a great dinner!

torsdag 5. april 2012

Now our new boats have arrived!

We now have three new boats, Dolmøy 230 Fisker.
We have installed one of the best navigation and sonar systems there is on to the boats. We on Adventure Camp Mehamn believe that LowranceHDS-8 will be a really good tool in the pursuit of finding big fishes.

onsdag 4. april 2012

Snowmobile guests from Germany and France.

The last week Adventure Camp Mehamn has had snowmobile guests from Germany and France visiting our camp. Both groups started from north of Finland with guide and made their way up to us here to Barents Sea. After an evening with sauna and dinner such as King Crab and Halibut they headed back to Finland the next day.

Just about to leave Adventure Camp Mehamn