mandag 18. mars 2013

Fishing for Skrei

The last days with good weather an less wind have been spent out on the beautiful Barents sea, fishing for the big cod (also called skrei).
The fishing have been good with many cod at 10 to 15 kilo. And in addition to the fishing the weather have been really nice, with much sun and not so much wind. 
We have been fishing from our very comfortable minor 34 boat. Where we have had the possibilities to stay warm and eat inside, or fish for the strong cod outside on the deck.

If there is anything your thinking about, just visit our website at:

The bigest cod at 16 kilo

Beautiful view over a calm Barents sea

Another big skrei is hooked

Big skrei caught just before sunset

mandag 11. mars 2013

Go on a Quad Bike adventure in the summer

Have you ever dreamed of untouched nature, crystal clear lakes or wild rivers?
Well the dream is closer than you think...

During the summer you have the possibility to go on Quad Bike tours with us on Nordic Safari. This enables great opportunities to discover more nature and fishing during your visit. You can choose everything between one day safaris to six days all inclusive adventures.

Visit our homepage for more information and adventure packages.,cid.32,pid.37

A one day trip along the Barents sea coast

 A trip to Slettnes lighthouse is a nice one day adventure

 Our beautiful situated salmon lodge

 The arctic char is both beautiful and strong

A common view during our Quad bike adventures



fredag 8. mars 2013

Snowmobile safari

The snow is falling down here in Mehamn and we have been out a lot on safaris with our snowmobiles this winter.
The conditions have been good with much snow, and we have seen beautiful northern lights during many nights.
Don`t hesitate to visit our wesite if you are intressted in joining us on a snowmobile adventure.
You find all information at:,cid.27,pid.1

Beautiful suroundings
Nice weather on the adventure
Much snow and nice conditions
A calm night in Mehamn
Northern lights over Mehamn