søndag 29. juli 2012

Swedish team had dream fishing!

Last week we had a Swedish team visiting us here at Adventure Camp Mehamn that had real dream fishing! During the week the group fished for halibut three days and caught 35 halibuts, the biggest where 137, 137, 140, 145 and 148cm (Look at the halibut length/weight list for weight). They also fished for salmon in two of our rivers and had the same success there, they caught about 40 salmons and three persons in the group caught their first salmons ever!

First but small

The next was a lot bigger!

Fighting salmon.

Dark flies works good here!

Another salmon liked the fly.

Heavy fish on the hook.

Finaly in the boat.

128 cm halibut!

Carefully released back.

Another heavy fish on!

This one 140cm long!

Happy girl with great halibut!

Dubble strike!

onsdag 11. juli 2012

Nordkyn delivers halibut again!

Yesterday our halibut guide John and Albin our guide trainee went out on an introduction guiding with two German teams from Angelreisen. First they went out to some good cod areas and when they caught enough they went to one of our halibut areas.  At the first drifts no boat had any contact with halibut but suddenly a couple of fishermen had some bites and some minutes later Albin had a halibut on the hook. After a brutal fight and being up at the boat one time just to dive back down again John secured the halibut with the big shark hook with rope that we use. The halibut was 138cm long (according to the halibut length/weight list 36 kilo). On the next drift one of the German guests caught a smaller halibut and so did John, both was smaller than 80cm and was released to grow bigger. This night the two teams are back out again to catch more halibuts and big cods.

On our way out on barents sea.

Albin with his great halibut!

John with his smaller halibut.

Quad bikes!

We are happy to introduce our new adventure Quad Bike Safaris!

We can offer 5 brand new Quad bikes for guided tours, mountain lake fishing for Trout and river fishing for salmon. Two weeks ago we tested them by riding along Laggo river and up on the mountains with our guests with great success. Without any problem we could get to lakes which are really difficult with only walking as transport.

We now have several tours with Quad bikes all from 4 hours sightseeing to several days out in the heart of the wilderness in untouched mountains with unbelievable safari adventures and great lakes for arctic char and trout fishing!

One of our five new quad bikes

On our trailer for transport to the dirt roads

On our way to lake fishing

Great nature along the trails

Kayak expedition Nordkyn!

Two guys from France did one of our kayak explorer tours, kayaking around Nordkyn peninsula.

They came here to us at Nordic Safari two weeks ago and rented kayaks. Along the shoreline and fjords they saw everything from the mighty sea eagle to huge seals and porpoise.

Every day after paddling they made camp in their own sheltered bays that is present throughout the peninsula. Besides having a great kayak adventure they also stopped at some good fishing locations to catch fresh fish for dinner.  Back at Nordic Safari after 10 days they were exhausted but really excited looking back over their great adventure.

Ready to start the adventure!

Making camp for the night.

Camp at Magkeila.

Cape Nordkyn at sight

At west Sandfjord (west of Cape Nordkyn)

Spectacular nature at west Sandfjord
Preparing the fish for the day.

Panorama over west Sandfjord

Ready to leave west Sandfjord
and heading west to Skjotningsberg

At Skjotningsberg

Another beautiful day kayaking

At Stokkvika.

Arrived at Hopseidet
 (The 300 meter of land making Nordkynd a peninsula)
The arctic char is really red in the meat!
A Weasel said hello.
Another great camp site.

Kayaking on Barent Sea.

mandag 2. juli 2012

Great brown trout fishing

Yesterday John and Vidar trailed the quad bikes to a dirt road here at Nordkyn peninsula where they met up with Peter and Lynda. The target for the day was big brown trout in a lake we know produces big fish. After driving the quad bikes for a while they parked them and walk the rest of the distance to the lake. As usual Peter hooks a fish directly down at a bay, Peter and Vidar are continuing fishing in the bay and catch the next after the other. When 30 minutes has passed they have caught about 10 big brown trouts and lost as many. The fishing continued around the lake but with poor result, just a trout here and there. When they had fished their way back to the bay John got a serious bite. It was a enormous brown trout that had taken his bait and after a couple of jumps and runaways Vidar secured it. They weight the fish to 3,5 kilos and took some quick photos and then released it back to grow even bigger. After this fish Peter hooked a gorgeous brown trout about 1 kilo and then it was time to head back to Adventure Camp Mehamn.

Peter with the first trout for the day.

The trouts where really fat in this lake!

John with his 3,5 kilos dream trout!

Peter with a beautiful 1 kilos brown trout

Vidar with a fat brown trout.

Peter and Vidar with the catch of the day.