tirsdag 20. mars 2012

Arctic Char fishing on the ice!

Early this morning our fishing guide John and Big Einar, a local fisherman drove up to the mountains with snowmobiles to fish for Arctic Char on one of the lakes. When John drilled the first hole in the ice it didn’t even take one minute before he hooked an Arctic Char and right after Big Einar got one to. During the day they caught about 25 fishes. The ice fishing is just getting better and better the next 6 weeks when the air temperature is increasing as the weeks goes.
The other day a couple of local fishermen got really lucky and caught both a 1.8 and a 3 kilos brown trout. Another guy caught a salmon on 2.7 kilos which is very rare during ice fishing on the lakes!

On our way up the mountain the sun rised over Mehamn
So i just had to take a picture!

The first Arctic Char for the day.

Big Einar is pulling up fish after fish!

John with one of the biggest fish for the day!

torsdag 15. mars 2012

Italian group skiing to Cape Nordkyn!

A couple of days ago an Italian group arrived here at Adventure Camp Mehamn with their extreme camping cars.  Yesterday they went to Cape Nordkyn with cross-country ski to camp there until today. Unfortunately they walked right into a snowstorm so we sent them Mehamn Adventure Camps rescue team. Now they are back in Mehamn at the camp drinking warm tea and looking back on their adventure.

mandag 12. mars 2012

2012 first skrei fishing tour

Today the weather got really great so we decided that today was a good day to do this year’s first skrei fishing tour.

 Skrei is cod fish that lives down in the deep parts of Barents Sea most of the year but in early mars the cod fish gathers to spawn close to the Norwegian coastline and then they are called skrei.

At noon today me and Vidar the Viking went out with two guests on our big boat Viking Explorer to locate and fish skrei that are swimming in big schools. The day was a great success, even though we didn’t fish for more than 4 hours we manage to catch plenty with skrei and the three biggest was 16, 18 and 18,5 kilo. During the following weeks more and more skrei will gather along our coast until it’s almost not room for more so we look forward for a couple of month of really good cod fishing!

Vidar the Viking with a 15 kilos skrei!

Kenneth having fish on!

Vidar, Kenneth and Joppe
 with the days three biggest skreis!