torsdag 27. oktober 2011


We had brave visitors from Switzerland in mid October.

After a good sleep, local information and buying the hiking map at Adventure camp Mehamn,cid.32,pid.28

The team started out as the last hiking team this summer season to the Northernmost point on the  European Continent, the more and more popular Cape Nordkyn

The 23 kiometer long hiking route starts at Mehamn Airport along a stoneman marked route
all the way out to the cliff at position 71.08.00 N
New fallen snow made the stony way slippery and hard.

After 3 days the group came back as planned and we were happy to see them again.

The history tells that during the 2. world war there was 2 German Junker 88 aeroplanes crash landing
at the Cape Nordkyn. The interesting link to the history of this planes you find here.

During the years many hikers have found peace and freedom at Cape Nordkyn - this virgin last wilderness part of Europe. The useful link to one of these enthousiast is:

onsdag 5. oktober 2011

Nordlandsboat ready for winter storage

The autumn is here in Mehamn and next week it has forecasted snow.
We are taking up the Nordlandsboat for winter storage.
Next spring we will use the beauty in the deep sea fishing tours the real good old way!

 Picture from summer 2011