søndag 25. september 2011

Another great success at our halibut hot spot area

Yesterday we had another great success at our halibut hot spot area.
We went out with two boats to guide five guests at halibut fishing. five minutes on the first drift one of the guests got a strike, 10 seconds later his 10 year old son also got a strike. First came a 100 cm halibut up in the boat but the young man on the other side of the boat is still struggling with the other halibut, after 10 minutes a really great halibut comes up from the depth, we take it up in the boat and measure it to stoning 136 cm! After a quick photo session the halibut was released back into the depth. We always release halibuts over 130cm, they are very important for the halibut reproduction, to keep up a great fishing for the years to come.
We continued to fish for 6 more hours and the result was 6 more halibuts and all guests caught and felt the power from the great halibut.


Another, really beautiful colored halibut!

lørdag 10. september 2011

Halibut tour nr2 for Russian group

Yesterday John and Arthur were out on guiding with the Russian group in two boats.The day started rather slow with a potential bigger halibut who won the fight and a couple of missed strikes. When John decided to go to an earlier unexplored area to try on the halibut fishing the fishing got really good. The strikes came directly and continued to come! At the end of the day we could count 14 halibuts in the boats!

onsdag 7. september 2011

Another great halibut tour!

Yesterday we went out on a short halibut tour with a Russian group.
The first hours we only caught one smaller halibut so the decision to go to the same area where me, S-O Larsson and David Lundqvist had fantastic fishing two days earlier was easy. On our way there we went further away to test another part of the area. During two hours we succeeded to catch 5 halibuts with a top on 132, 125 and 124cm and also lost 3 halibuts after good fights! It seems that this new area contains a large number of halibuts!

Our Fishing guide John with a happy guest!


Halibuts are beautiful predators!

søndag 4. september 2011

Insanely good halibut fishing!!!

Yesterday our guide John together with S-O and David went out on a halibut expedition on a place here at Nordkyn that they had checked out on the sea chart. They all had expectations to casch halibut but that they would caught 37 halibuts on one afternoon they could never even dream of!
They all caught halibuts over 130cm (30kilo) and had not only several double strikes but also two triple strikes.
John with a 30kilos halibut!

David and a great halibut.

David with a 30kilos halibut

S-O is all worn out after fighting halibuts for several hours!