mandag 22. april 2013

Great arctic char fishing on the ice!

This past week our ice fishing expert Dan has been up on the mountains guiding Peter, a dear guest for many years here at Nordic Safari, Mehamn! As usuall many big and beautiful arctic chars and trouts got caught! Several arctic char and trouts caught during the week passed 1 kilo i weight and the biggest arctic char for the week was a great 2,2 kilos!

Ice fishing on the mountain lakes will keep getting better and better all the way to the end of the snowmobile season which is 20th May.

Peter with a short but extremely fat arctic char!
And here in company with another beautiful arctic char
 caught at the same time!
Dan with a unusually strong colored arctic char!

Kolle with a big one!

Another beautiful arctic char!

lørdag 20. april 2013

Skrei on shalow waters

The other day me (John) and Albin were out fishing for skrei close to the coast outside Mehamn. It dident take long before we caught skrei, actually we caught skrei from the first minute of fihing to the last! We were fishing on 30 to 90 meters depth the whole time and the skrei was under the boat the entire time. Also i caught a halibut that came swiming up to the boat while i was tackeling on a new lure. It swam one time around the boat in the surface and i droped my jig about ten meters down before stoping and BAAAM! The rod i was fighting with, the Savage-Gear MP Pro >150g was great fun fighting this 10 kilos halibut with!

Me with a skrei caught on light gear!

Albin with a great skrei!
Me fighting halibut on the Savage-Gear MP Pro

And here it is!