tirsdag 14. juni 2011

Good cod fishing at Cape Nordkyn

Yesterday our guide went out with the guests to guaranty some good fishing, and with full throttle on the outboard engine and the stern pointing towards Cape Nordkyn that was only minutes away.
After a while they came upon a really good fishing drift on the outskirt of Cape Nordkyn where there was more cod than ever before this season, even more than during the spring fishing. They did a 4 kilometers long drift on 40-50 meters depth along a 60 meters edge and the sonar showed 5 to 10 meters all the way. I did not take long time before they had enough cod for the day and then just fishing for trophy cod. More cod then they could count was over 10 kilos and several cod over 15 kilos that was released back to grow even bigger until next time!

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