mandag 6. juni 2011

66,4 kilos halibut!

The Swedish team from Havsfiskeguiden has been here to explore the fishing on Nordkyn
Peninsula. They where here for three days and caught a lot of cod over 10 kilos and several about 15 kilo. During these three days we caught 5 halibut and with a top on 66,4 kilo. It took Micke from Havsfiskeguiden about 40 minutes to fight this queen of the depth. Two hours later David also from Havsfiskeguiden, hooked a halibut that directly did a 70 meters run and then went loose. The day before our German guests fight a halibut for 45 minutes that later cut the line. The big halibuts seems to arrived to the north shores of Barents Sea.

Micke with his 66,4 kilos halibut!

167 cm long was the halibut 

David with  a 16 kilos cod

Micke and a 15 kilos cod


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