onsdag 22. mai 2013

Cod in huge numbers!

This last week the cod fishing has been spectacular! More 15 kilo cods was caught than we could keep track on.
During this last week we have had two Swedish teams here, beside all huge cods they have both succeeded to catch halibut 90, 95 and 112 cm long (check out the halibut length/weight list for weight).
Two of the halibuts was caught on one of our favorite jigs, the Mieko Predator Tail! The large schools of cod are at this moment located on 30-80 meters depth and they are filling the sonar screen to the fullest!
Also, now we are right in the beginning of the halibut season. The halibuts we have caught so far this year has probably been halibuts that has not spawned (reproduced) this winter and the halibuts that has spawned are on their way up from the depth on to the shallow plateau outside Mehamn. If not already at this moment then any day now!
95cm halibut

112cm halibut
90 cm halibut
16 kilos cod

New personal best!

Another big cod!

This one caught on the new
Mieko Predator Spinner Tail!

Yet Another heavy cod on the line.

18 kilo cod

Same 18 kilo cod, it was seriously sturdy!

Fishing in the midnight sun

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