torsdag 1. august 2013

What Nordic Safari is all about!

Here are some impressions from a two weeks stay by our dear guest Peter visiting us at Nordic Safari.

During this time we have been guiding him every day on just a fraction of what there is to fish up here. Halibut, cod, salmon, trout, arctic char, searun arctic char plaice and many more! This is really out strength, there is always a new species to target and the fishing is more or less in world class.
We will not make this a long text blog, we will let the pictures talk for themselves!
148cm (50kg) halibut

138cm halibut.

142cm halibut
(all these three halibuts plus two more was caught during the same day)
Last snow is melting away
Lake, lake and the barents sea!

Arctic char 1,4 kilo.

Allso a way to put anchor!

Fishing one the last snow.

Going past Cape Nordkyn and Cape Nordkyn Island

Two reindeers on the beach.

A good sized brown trout.

Another brown trout. 

IMAX Dry suit is good for many things.
Vidar the Viking swiming out to the anchored boat

The slate mountains are rough but beautiful

Low clouds are Rolling down Cape Nordkyn!

Peter with a whiting.

And here with a really good sized searun arctic char!

This searunner was 1,5 kilo heavy

And this about same weight.

Trolling and casting at same fjord.
This day he caught seven searunners
(the day Before from land five)

Another one caught on trolling.
A nice cod caught on ultra light gear!

A 1,4 kilos plaice.

Another one with really great colors!

The biggest for the day, 2,3 kilos!

And here the guide Albin with a nice plaice.
Fishing salmon in Laggo River

And here with the catch for the day!

A really great cod caught on ultra light gear!

A beautifull brown trout.

Another great trout.

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